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You can have a more beautiful lawn and more free time if you call SA Rainmaker LLC for irrigation services. Once your design is complete, we can move forward with the installation. Our office will call and request cable locates for your house. This will ensure that our installation team is aware of any cable TV, telephone, gas, or fiber optic lines on your property.

The cable-locate technician will show up to your house and mark these lines with paint and flags. We will then pull a permit for your system with the appropriate municipality. We will give you a call the day before installation to verify the installation date.
Irrigation Installations

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Our superintendent will order the specific parts for your system the morning of your installation. He will also meet with you that morning to go over the drawing and make any last minute changes. He will install flags where all of the heads go and line out the installation team. Most installation will take one full day. We are required by local codes to leave several heads uncovered as well as the point of connection.  

Let Us Take Care of Everything

The next day the superintendent will make an appointment with you to review the sprinkler installation and demonstrate its use. The superintendent will also teach you how to program the timer correctly. City inspectors typically arrive this day to check for any errors. Once the inspection has been cleared we'll send a technician out to cover the open areas. Your system will be 100% complete at this time and you can begin enjoying it.  
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